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4 Issues You Should Check to Get Workers Compensation Benefits

Have you been injured at work recently? Below are issues you need to clarify to receive your workers compensation benefits quickly. 

Choice of Doctors

Establish if the insurance company that provided the workers compensation policy allows you to get treatment from the doctors who usually treat you or they prefer that you receive treatment for your work-related injuries or disease from a recommended set of healthcare providers. This information will save you from any misunderstandings that could later arise in case your medical expenses are disputed based on where you received medical attention.

Preexisting Conditions 

You should also find out whether any preexisting conditions, such as high blood pressure, can affect the potential benefits that you would otherwise be entitled to if you were injured or developed a work-related disease. Remember to obtain expert testimony so that the impact of the preexisting condition can be explained in a way that shows that it had nothing to do with the injury that you suffered.

Your Classification

Ask for clarification whether your employee category is eligible to receive workers compensation benefits. It is therefore helpful for you to examine your employment contract and any other relevant documentation to establish what kind of worker you are. Otherwise, you may waste your time filing a claim for workers compensation when your classification doesn't entitle you to those benefits.

Remember that an employment contract isn't the only factor that is considered when determining your classification. Other issues, such as the kind of instructions that you receive as you work, can clarify your status. For example, independent contractors are usually left to decide how they complete an assignment. Employees normally receive guidelines regarding how a task should be executed.

Existing Time Constraints

Some jurisdictions may have restrictions on the time within which someone should start receiving treatment or file a claim for workers compensation benefits. Seek medical care immediately so that your claim is not jeopardised by an assertion that your condition worsened due to your negligence to get timely treatment.

It is advisable for you to familiarise yourself with all the aspects of your workplace's workers compensation policy before you are injured or develop a work-related disease. It can be hard for you to internalise all that information when you are injured or ill. Get expert help in case any aspect of the workers compensation claims process is too complex for you to navigate on your own.